Model Management CMS

Role: Product Design

I have omitted confidential information and the designs are a reinterpretation of the original.

Rebuilding a platform for a modelling agency

The project was to evaluate and rebuild how a modelling agency operates and create a more optimized workflow for the agents.

Understanding the problem/user interviews

Before building the software, the first thing I looked at was how current software was being used and the issues the agents had in their day to day workflow. After a series of interviews, I determined that the actions the agents take throughout the day mostly fall into four different categories.

1. Keeping track of a talent's castings, jobs and events

2. Sending customized packages to clients

3. Maintaining a portfolio on the web site

4. Maintaining your clients

Our Focus

The Portfolio/Client management aspects were quite simple and we decided the biggest issues to tackles were the Booking System and the Package Platform. I thought I would be able to impact the most on the workflow of the CMS system here.

Additionally from the interviews, there were several things that came to our attention:

1. The Booking System was the part of the job that offered the most anxiety for the agents. Because there is so much going on throughout the day - There are constant reminders needed and little details constantly being added and changed by clients. The booking system needed to handle these changes and be conveyed to the talent.

2. The Package System. Delivering packages was by far the most frustrating part of pitching talent to clients. The agents found their current methods of sending portfolios cumbersome and time consuming, taking away from their ability to do what they needed to. Sell. What was needed was an intuitive way to compile custom packages of content to send to the client.

Using Material Design

By using Google's Material Design system we created an intuitive system that allowed agents to book and schedule appointments/work for the talent. The familiar elements of Material Design allowed agents that were not technical, to have the confidence in moving quickly through their tasks.

The Booking System

Starting from sketches, multiple iterations were completed until agents felt familiar in the system and iterated on how to access talent quickly and setup reminders for the next day's appointments.

The Package System

Sending packages is the way modelling agents pitch their models for work and depending on the job, the packages will differ.

Here we applied both Google's Material design to help provide a level of understanding to what is going on and where the agent is in the process.


Chips - Used to organize jobs and help agents refer to older campaigns when negotiating new deals.

Progress Indicators - Used to note where agents were in their

Snack Bars - Confirmations! Having confirmations allowed the agents to have the confidence that a task was completed.

Using Format